A Book Club with a Podcast

DST is a welcoming community for anyone who loves sci-fi and fantasy.

A New Book Every Month

The club helps pick the books, alternating between sci-fi and fantasy. We read everyone from established authors to up-and-coming geniuses, traveling to distant quadrants, epic adventures, space operas, dystopian hellscapes, and urban fantasies. (Click the circle to see our next book.)

Make New, Geeky Friends

To 'join' the club, either join the Dwarf Star Tavern Facebook Group or interact here on the blog. We'll have a blogpost for each book so we can all chat about them as we go. (Click on the circle to visit the Facebook group.)

Enjoy the Podcast

Lex, Ted, and J. Wesley record two 30-minute podcasts per novel -- the first exploring the characters and world, the second diving into its plot and meaning. We interact with your comments and questions from FB and the blog.

Meet the Hosts

Three Sci-fi and Fantasy Authors Who Love to Talk Books


Ted Cross is from Arizona and has spent the past two decades traveling the world as a diplomat, all the time dreaming about writing fantasy and science fiction.



Alexander McKinney first discovered his love of Fantasy with Dragons of Autumn Twilight. From there he proceeded to devour every novel of Dragonlance mythology that he could find. Branching out from medieval worlds took time, but eventually he found a host of glittering treasures: Herbert, Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein. Alexander lives in the Bahamas and proves that insanity goes hand in hand with a passion for writing as the pursuit of new stories frequently interferes with the pursuit of enjoying beaches and sunshine, a choice that he is certain most people would not make.


J. Wesley merrily travels the world with his wife and six children, writing science fiction and fantasy whenever he has a chance.

DST Blog and Show Notes

Near-Future Science Fiction

Heroes Die, Part 1

Summary Heroes Die is a testosterone-soaked action story following Hari Michaelson/Caine, on his final adventure. In Part 1, the DST crew explores the characters, setting, technology and magic of the story, especially the fascinating binary nature Read more…